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Remodeling a Seaside Home in Santa Barbara, CA
Roger Pilley, Griffith Interiors

& Building

Roger Pilley

Licensed Contractor

Griffith Interiors

Indian Wells, CA

Roger G. Pilley, our General Contractor with a degree in Civil Engineering, has built over 1,200 homes and overseen numerous structural renovations during his career.

Whether remodeling, renovating or building, the timely completion of sound and distinctive structures is his signature.

Here, the design sense of the firm melds with the practical, construction know-how to produce your beautiful, finished home.

Roger handles your project from architectural design and planning through to construction management.  (License #83996)             
Call us at 760.574.4015

General Contracting Services:

  1. Project Management (so you don’t have to)

  2. Site Evaluation

  3. Site Planning

  4. Architectural Design

  5. Structural Engineering

  6. Construction Plans & Specifications

  7. Job Costing & Estimating

  8. Assembly and Management of Architectural & Construction/Subcontractor Team

  9. Construction Oversight

  10. Permits & Approvals

  11. Landscape Design

  12. Advanced Technology and Design

Additional Expertise:

  • Lighting

  • Acoustics

  • In-home Cinema

  • Security Systems

  • Solar Energy/Green Construction

  • Automated Window Treatments

  • Home Automation

  • Electrical Systems & Plumbing

  • HVAC

  • Kitchen & Bath Facilities

  • Accommodations for Disabilities

  • Pool & Spa Design

  • Landscaping

Home Construciton & Remodeling Plan Blueprint
Interior of Home being Remodeled
Mini Bobcat Earthmover on Home Remodeling Site
Interior of Home being Remodeled with Side Open to Golf Course
Interior of Home being Remodeled Down to the Beams and Posts
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